Each situation is different. However, most engagements adhere to the following process:

Initial Consultation:

Avant Partners has an initial discussion with the perspective Client to discuss the company’s situation and problems and how Avant Partners can help solve the issues.


If both parties decide to move forward, we will analyze all appropriate materials. Avant Partners believes that speed is a key element of success.

Scope of Work:

We meet with our clients to outline the overall project. The outcome is a Scope of Work which may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Overall Strategy and Action Plan
  • Specific Responsibilities
  • Identification of Specific Issues
  • Timeline and Milestones


The Client and Avant Partners work closely together in order that problems are quickly solved and objectives achieved. We know from experience that all projects will be different in one way or another. Therefore, we don’t force fit cookie-cutter solutions. We define the implementation phase through the process of consultation, analysis and development of the scope of work.


We will review progress with our clients on an ongoing basis. These reviews may sometimes take the form of a workshop designed to build consensus among the management team regarding ongoing issues.

Transfer of Work Responsibilities:

As soon as appropriate, all work responsibilities are transferred to on-going Client personnel.

Ongoing Consultation:

After the initial work has been completed, we will remain available to the Client on a when-and-as-needed basis.

We firmly believe that the combination of first hand and being “on the spot” is the key to success when strategizing and implementing a complex restructuring and/or reorganization.